Happy “Gotcha Day” Grover!

Grover became a part of our family two years ago, a decision that we have been so thankful for every day since.

When he first came to us, Grover was part of the ‘Lonely Hearts’ club, meaning that he was one of the shelter’s longest-term residents. OAS posted his picture on Instagram with a giant smile on his face, and I saw him and felt in my heart that he was part of our pack. I showed him to Jay, who must have seen the same look in Grover’s eyes because it was pouring rain on a Saturday in Oakland and even though we would have both loved to stay home all day doing nothing, we loaded ourselves into the car within a half hour and drove to the shelter to bring our Grove home. I think we went in sweatpants!

Grover has a real personality. He is stand-offish, and always ready to ‘scamp’ as quickly as he can away from your outstretched hand. He’s nervous, an anxious little fellow; at times, when he finds himself alone in the house (Louis being the smart boy and hiding upstairs when he wants alone time), Grover will just walk from room to room, chirping little meows, searching for his comrade in fur. I find myself wondering…does he think he’s abandoned? Does he think he’s alone again?

After two years, I’ve come to deeply understand Grover’s need for patience. It feels like I am finally making some headway with him – he and I have our own little private moments where I can tell that the bond is stronger. The trust is building! Of course, other times I might look at him funny and he runs under the bed for the next hour.

It’s a lot of work to have a skittish cat. You want a pet that will sit on your lap, and let you hug them and love on them and show them affection without getting too annoyed, but cats aren’t like that. I mean, sure sometimes they sit on your lap, they seek out your hand for a couples of scritches, they rub their whiskers against your leg to remind you that they are there. But a skittish cat takes patience, and kindness, and constant reminders that they are conscious and have their own emotions and don’t want to be bothered 24/7/365. That’s a hard lesson for an Elmira like me to learn, but two years in and I think we’re both starting to meet each other half way.

Thanks for changing out lives Grover! We wouldn’t have you any other way than the weird little butthole that you are 🙂