Quick Post: Whatcha been listenin’ to?

Today I listened to Spotify playlist “Country’s Greatest Hits: The 80s”. Lots of denim-clad George Strait ballads and Dolly crooning. Surprisingly upbeat mix, all things considered.

Thematically, I notice that many country songs are about ‘man has failed to be proper man, lost woman to another, more masculine man’. I know, what does that mean. Let me try to explain… Many of the songs seem to be about the singer, a man, who has, through his own misgivings and inadequacies, lost the “love of his life”. Sad.

The singer always admits though, that his lost love is in fact in the hands of someone better, more mature, more suited to caring for a domestic and gentle thing. I like it, because there is a bitter resentment but even more bitter acknowledgement that, yeah man. You effed up. You lost her. He is better than you. Probably should get drunk.

I should have written down the numerous songs with this theme, if only I had known that this would be where my train of thoughts would take me. Maybe if I listen to the playlist again, I’ll update.

Wrote for 14 minutes today, heehaw!